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American DataBank


Drug Screening Information

  • After you have completed your online order application, American DataBank will mail you a Chain of Custody Form and an Approved Drug Screen location. This usually takes 5-7 business days after placing your online order.
  • Please contact the LabCorp Patient Service Center to schedule an appointment for your drug screen.
  • Be sure to bring your Chain of Custody Form and Photo Identification to your appointment.
  • Please Note: If you do not use a LabCorp Patient Service Center as provided to you an additional collection fee will be charged.
  • At the facility, if you are not able produce a urine sample when requested, call ADB at 1-800-200-0853 on how to proceed. The lab will run extensive tests to verify if the drug screen is negative/positive/dilute.

    For Negative Results - a fax is sent from LabCorp to American DataBank to input the results.
    For Dilute Results - you must contact American DataBank at 1-800-200-0853 for further instructions.
    For Positive Results - the results are forwarded to the Medical Review Officer. The Medical
    Review Officer will contact you for verification of any prescription drug you may be taking to show a false positive. After discussion, the Medical Review Office will send a fax to American DataBank to input the results and close the order. If the order is positive the Medical Review Office will list the drug that is positive.
  • Most drug screen results are returned within 24-48 hours after the specimen has been collected.
  • For additional questions please call American DataBank at 1-800-200-0853 or click here to send us a message through our contact page.